Thursday, February 18, 2010


Do not tell me wether I am right or wrong.

I don't need that.

Recently, someone very close to me said,
"You being friends with other for your own good"

"You attached to a friend for benefits"

Somehow, in some way, YES! I apply this. I DO FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS

I am quite sure that everybody else too.

Tell me if someone not.

In terms of what that the friendship or that so-called-friend give us, it might differ.

Different person, different satisfaction they crave for.

To all my FRIENDS, I confess, yes, I do friends with you guys, for benefits. But sure, i believe, there are give and take.

You guys know how valueable you are. THANK YOU for being my friend.

(p.s. friends at heart and friends at name are TOTALLY DIFFERENT)

Sure here, i mention about FRIENDS at HEART. You know who you are guys.