Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If I'm A Book

I’m a Book,

Parent will be the publisher;
God-Parent will be the printing company;
Sibling will be the plastic cover;
Me, myself will be the author;
Love will be the paper;
Knowledge will be the ink;
Appearance will be the hard cover;
Clothes & Brands will be the cover designers;
Manner will be the introduction;
Lover will be the table of content;
Beaches will be the page numbers;
Sport science will be the content;
Thoughts will be the ideas;
Friends will be the readers;
Self-confidence will be the quotations;
Drawings will be the figures;
Achievements will be the conclusion;
Netball will be the bibliography;
Lecturers will be the references list;
Reference-Books will be the glossary;
Life-Experiences will be the value (price);

If you want to own this book;
Searching Key is fiqa_sportsvampire@yahoo.co.uk ;

Payment is sincerity;

Book Name is Afiqah, which Copyrighted by Nurul Afiqah Bakar,
Remember to shout 'Boom Boom Pow' after u gets this book! (Copyrighted too)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Genius

Edward Monkton

He might sounds rare and unfamiliar to you guys.
For me, he is GENIUS!

I started to know him when i buy a book of gift for my special someone.

Once you read the interesting thoughts of him, you'll know it.

This is how i love him:

This is what i LOVE the most: