Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011's Self Branding

Another 365 days will arise. I dont really have a proper wishes & wills. But, as I looked back at myself for the last 21 years, my little heart said I need to undergo a metamorphosis. I want to rebranding myself. As I am a muslim, a daughter, a lover, student, friend, team-mate & etc., I should do something beyond the old me. 

I'm never regret for the irrelevant self I used to be. We never find a better tutor if it is not 'experiences' itself. Here I am promise to make myself happier that it would reflect a good heart and it will shine on others. Kind of fantasizing things up, but not really. Just setting a goal that soon will be accompany by actions.

As another mystery year to come, I become more afraid of this uncertain future. I wonder how to administrate my life more effectively. I'm not a superwoman, so, take one piece at one time. 

To make it short, for this coming year 2011, here, me; Nurul Afiqah binti Bakar, promised to herself that she will try her very damn ass best to transform herself, get out from that old cacoon, and try to embrace herself with a good heart, good emotions, good brains, good soul & good physic! Hit me 2011. Yeeeehaaaak!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010; Heads Up Malaysian!


AFF Suzuki Cup Champion 2010
You deserve it Boys!

Name : Mohd Safee
Team : Malaysia
Matches Played : 6
Minutes Played : 513
Goals : 5
Shots : 9
Shots on Goal : 7 
Shots on Goal % : 77.8
Cautions/Yellow Cards : 2
Fouls Committed : 4
Fouls Suffered : 2
Crosses : 2
Offside : 3

Name : Firman Utina
Team : Indonesia
Team : Philippines


Monday, December 27, 2010

Self-reminder: MONEY

I should learn to administrate my pennies more effectively.
Should be more sensitive over cash flow & where it goes to.
Make priority for necessity NOT needs.
LOL :))
Better be define what are those necessity first self.

 # i.e., eyes seal when go to mall, so that I won't be tricked by the four letters word; SALE.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

What is wrong with Grown Ups?

I am so in LOVE with ; 

Bakar Hassan
Zainun Yaakob 
Muhammad Afiq Bakar
Nurul Aqmar Aqeela Bakar


The point is, I do care, I do love, but there is something that me myself don't understand it.
It seems REALLY HARD to interprete it in actions.
It's kind of so hard to let it show.

People said action speaks louder than word. Yeah, I do agree.
But when it comes to the most important persons on earth that you care so much about, it is not that simple.

I wonder why things get more & more complicated when you are so in love with someone.
It can be your family, lover or whoever.
I wonder, what is wrong being grown up? Supposed, I understand more, know more, learn more, but grown up always make thing complicated.

That's life anyway...


No matter how hard, please know it by heart. You guys know me better than anyone else.
I am INCREDIBILY GRATEFUL of having you people by my side.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

PowerShot D10

I want this sooooooo badly. Sebabnye, saye tak pandai gne DSLR. Makanye, digital camera lebih mesra dgn saye la kan ;) 

Sebab utama saye mahukannye ialah:

*Anti-fog lens

Harga : RM 1469.00

Mesti ade yg ckap baik beli DSLR, tetapi nye, saye dah fall for this underwater camera.
Sesiapa tahu kat mane senang nak dpt area Rawang or Shah Alam, sila la berbaik hati bagitaw ye :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Doa Sempena Awal Muharam


Sekadar Berkongsi  =)
Salam Maal Hijrah 1432

Officially Diploma Holder =)


1. Thank Allah for the give.
2. Many thanks to lovely parents.
3. Loads of thanks to the Gurus*
4. Beloved friends & classmates, thank you.
5. Thank to any individuals or organizations that make it possible.

Nurul Afiqah binti Bakar
Graduate of Dip. in Sport Studies (SR113)
MARA University of Technology, Arau

*all the gurus since kindergarten untill tertiery education level =)